ARE Overview

Architect Registration Examination

No single examination can test for competency in all aspects of architecture, which is why the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) is not the only requirement to become a licensed architect. The ARE concentrates on those services that most affect the public health, safety, and welfare. The ARE has been developed with specific concern for its fidelity to the practice of architecture; that is, its content relates to the actual tasks an architect encounters in practice. This examination attempts to determine the candidate's qualifications not only to perform measurable tasks, but also to exercise the skills and judgment of a generalist working with numerous specialists. In short, the objective is to reflect the practice of architecture as an integrated whole.  

History of the ARE
NCARB produced the first national exam for architect in 1965. [more]

State Board Licensing Requirements
Learn what you need to do to take the ARE in your state. [more]

ARE Updates

ARE Updates is an electronic publication sent to ARE candidates. Topics cover the latest news about the exam, commonly asked questions, important reminders, and information related to the exam from NCARB’s Annual Meeting and Conference held each June. [more]

Important Contact

1801 K Street NW, Suite 700K
Washington, DC  20006
202/879-0520   202/783-0290 FAX

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ARE Guidelines
Updated November 2016! The ARE 4.0 Guidelines is essential reading for anyone preparing for the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®). The document includes an overview of the exam divisions as well as the exam program, the rolling clock, exam eligibility, and five steps to taking and completing the ARE.

Download (PDF, 2,721K)

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Ready to Take the ARE?
If you have an active NCARB Record and have fulfilled all of your jurisdiction’s requirements, you can place your request to take the ARE through the “My NCARB” section of our website. It’s quick and easy!

Preparing for the ARE
NCARB Exam Guides and practice software for each division.

ARE 4.0 Divisions
The ARE consists of seven divisions that can be taken in any order.

Getting it Done!
Looking for ways to streamline your journey to getting your license? Look no further. Check out our newest resource and empower yourself to meet your jurisdiction's requirements in a way that fits your lifestyle.