My Examination

In late August 2013, NCARB launched My Examination, a dynamic service within My NCARB for Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) candidates. For the first time, candidates can schedule appointments; access score reports; view exam history, rolling clock dates, eligibility to test information; learn about the latest ARE news; and more—all in one place.

To learn more about My Examination’s exciting features, watch our introductory video:

ARE_ScheduleExamsSchedule Exams

In addition to being able to schedule exams online, candidates can see upcoming appointments and view approved testing accommodations.

ARE_infoUpdate Personal Information

You can now update contact information and subscribe to NCARB e-newsletters in a snap. Any updates will be automatically communicated to your registration board.

ARE_OnlineScoresReceive Electronic Score Reports

Through My Examination, candidates will be able to download score reports and view their entire exam history. After scoring is complete, candidates will receive an e-mail prompting them to login and download new reports.

My Examination’s new score reports feature clearer rolling clock information and an online link should anyone need to verify the authenticity of your score. Score reports will continue to provide an overview of the content areas within the division, along with descriptive feedback on underperforming areas for failed exams. Learn how to read the new, downloadable score reports here.

ARE_RollingClockView Your Rolling Clock

Through My Examination, candidates can see clear rolling clock information and receive e-mail reminders about important dates. Note: Your jurisdiction may have its own rolling clock rules and may prevent you from viewing this section to avoid confusion with its clock. Remember: NCARB granted an automatic 12–week extension to rolling clock dates that expired during or after the 1 July 2013 blackout. Divisions passed prior to 1 January 2006 did not receive this extension. [Learn more about the Rolling Clock]

All in One Place: Your NCARB Record

Candidates can access information related to education, experience, and examination in one convenient place—making your Record a one-stop-shop for tracking your progress on the path to licensure.

To access My Examination, all ARE candidates will need an active NCARB Record. Special fee discounts will be extended to ARE candidates with an Authorization to Test who don’t have a Record or whose Record is inactive. Note: special fee discounts will be available until August 2014.

Updated ARE Guidelines & Exam Guides

The ARE Guidelines is essential reading for anyone preparing for the ARE. Updated in August 2013, this document includes all the new processes related to My Examination, an overview of the exam divisions as well as the vignette software, the rolling clock, exam eligibility, and five steps to taking and completing the ARE.

We also updated the ARE Exam Guides, so be sure to download your copy here. We encourage candidates to use these guides to better focus their exam preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering how the launch of My Examination will affect you? Read some frequently asked questions. [more]

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ARE Guidelines
Updated November 2016! The ARE 4.0 Guidelines is essential reading for anyone preparing for the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®). The document includes an overview of the exam divisions as well as the exam program, the rolling clock, exam eligibility, and five steps to taking and completing the ARE.

Download (PDF, 2,721K)

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New Vendors Selected for the ARE
NCARB has signed long-term contracts with Alpine Testing Solutions, Inc. and Prometric, Inc. for the ARE®. These two vendors were selected for their unique strengths that will allow NCARB to continue to provide the profession with the highest quality licensing exam, enhance the candidate experience, and position the ARE for a more agile future.

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Do I need to have an NCARB Record to take the exam? Yes. This has been a requirement for all new candidates since May 2008 and will now be a requirement for all candidates.