New ARE Score Reports

The launch of My Examination will bring redesigned score reports that will include clearer rolling clock information, the test specification for the division, and limited diagnostic information for failed exams. To help make this transition as easy as possible, we created a helpful guide: How to Read the New ARE Score Report. [Download]

Pass or Fail
All score reports will be clearly designated pass or fail along the top of the report. For passing score reports, the division’s expiration date will also be noted. Reports will include a link should any one need to verify the authenticity of your score. All of your rolling clock information will be available on the lower half of the first page.


Division Content and Diagnostic Information
The information on the content areas tested in each division will be presented on the back side of the score report. This will correspond with the diagnostic information for failed divisions. Limited diagnostic information will continue to be available on score reports. Areas and vignettes marked as level 2 or 3 should be reviewed more before sitting for a retake.