ARE 5.0 Divisions

ARE 5.0 includes six separate divisions that more closely align with current architectural practice and technology. Just like with ARE 4.0, you can take the divisions in any order you choose. To learn more about the exam’s content areas, download the ARE 5.0 Handbook [PDF].

ARE 5.0 Test Durations

Similar to the current exam, ARE 5.0 test durations include an orientation, a scheduled break, and a post-exam survey. Candidates can schedule exams and access score reports through My Examination. The retake policy will also remain the same, so you can retest in as few as 60 days.

Division  Number of Questions  Test Duration  Appointment Time
Practice Management  80  2 hr 45 min 3 hr 30 min
Project Management  95  3 hr 15 min 4 hr
Programming & Analysis  95 3 hr 15 min 4 hr
Project Planning & Design  120 4 hr 15 min 5 hr
Project Development & Documentation  120 4 hr 15 min 5 hr
Construction & Evaluation  95 3 hr 15 min 4 hr
Total Time:    21 hr 25 hr 30 min

Test Centers

ARE 4.0 and 5.0 are both administered at Prometic test centers. We take exam security seriously, which is why candidates must review and accept the ARE Candidate Agreement before each division. Learn more about exam security and what to expect at the test center.


The total cost of ARE 4.0 is $1,470 ($210 per division). The total cost of ARE 5.0 is $1,260 ($210 per division). In July 2018, the total cost of ARE 5.0 will be $1,410 ($235 per division). Learn more about the upcoming fee changes.


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