Getting Started With the ARE

 Architect Registration Examination 

In order to take the ARE, you must:  


You should always contact your registration board directly to verify the requirements to gain access to the ARE.

Establishing Your Eligibility to Test

To begin taking the ARE, you must make a request via the ARE tab in your NCARB Record. Your board of architecture will deem you eligible (or via NCARB for boards participating in NCARB's Direct Registration Program), and your board will set your eligibility information in My Examination.

You will receive an automated e-mail notification when you are made eligible to take the ARE and have been granted access to My Examination.

Scheduling an Exam

Candidates may take the ARE divisions in any order, and at any time and Prometric location they choose (subject to availability). Most test centers are open six days a week, 50 weeks a year. [more]

Paying for the ARE

The cost of the ARE is $1,470 for seven divisions. For international test centers (outside of North America), the cost of the ARE is $2,170 for seven divisions. These fees are non-refundable. [more]

ARE 4.0 Divisions

The ARE consists of seven divisions that include multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and check-all-that-apply questions as well as graphic vignettes. [more]

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ARE Guidelines
Updated July 2015! The ARE 4.0 Guidelines is essential reading for anyone preparing for the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®). The document includes an overview of the exam divisions as well as the exam program, the rolling clock, exam eligibility, and five steps to taking and completing the ARE.

Download (PDF, 2,148K)

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Ready to Take the ARE?
If you have an active NCARB Record and have fulfilled all of your jurisdiction’s requirements, you can place your request to take the ARE through the “My NCARB” section of our website. It’s quick and easy!

Establish an NCARB Record
Learn how to establish an NCARB Record.

Related FAQs

Whom do I contact to schedule an appointment for the ARE?

Once you have been made eligible to test, you can schedule to sit for individual divisions via My Examination.

How do I register to take the ARE?

Contact the registration board in the jurisdiction in which you wish to become licensed in to apply to take the exam. Your board will provide you with all application requirements. Although NCARB develops the ARE, it does not register candidates to take the exam, unless their jurisdiction participates in NCARB's Direct Registration or Direct Eligibility programs. For jurisdictions that participate in the Direct Registration or Direct Eligibility programs, NCARB does process candidate exam eligibilities based upon their jurisdiction’s requirements.

What do I do if my eligibility is not in the system?

If you attempt to schedule an exam and find that your eligibility is not in the system, you need to contact your board of architecture (or NCARB if your jurisdiction participates in Direct Eligibility or Direct Registration). Each individual board of architecture (or NCARB for Direct Registration) is responsible for approving your testing eligibility information.