ARE Practice Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

The ARE practice programs service is now available to all My NCARB account holders. The service offers online access to the practice programs. The Council will continue to offer the practice programs compatible with 32-bit systems.

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About the Service

How does the ARE practice programs service work?
The service is “cloud-based,” which means the ARE vignette practice programs are hosted on a virtual server, accessible via your browser. The cloud service is intended to allow customers with 64-bit Windows operating systems and Macs to access the practice programs, which are designed to run on 32-bit Windows systems.

Do I need to use this service to access the ARE vignette practice programs?
The ARE practice programs remain available on for download and will run on an IBM PC or compatible computer running Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows NT or Windows Vista 32-bit. If you are using a 64-bit Windows system or a Mac, you now have the option to use the cloud-based service to access the programs.

How do I determine whether my Windows operating system is 32-bit or 64-bit?
PC users should follow these instructions.

What is the current form of this service?

NCARB is currently using a browser-based application delivery using Frame technology. It is available on all the latest browsers and does not require any software to be installed: this is an upgrade over the original Citrix technology which required software to be installed and was not available through Chrome or Edge.

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Adding the Service

How do I subscribe to the ARE 4.0 Vignette Practice Programs Service?
You can subscribe by logging into My NCARB, clicking the “Add” button for the ARE 4.0 Vignette Practice Programs Service, and follow the instructions on the next page to add the service.

My NCARB Dashboard with ARE 4.0 Vignette Practice Programs Service
Once you've added the service, you’ll be directed to the ARE 4.0 Vignette Practice Programs Access page. Click the “Open the Frame Practice Programs Web Page” button. It opens a new tab. Select the ARE Practice Program of your choice.

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Using the Service

Do I need special software to access the ARE 4.0 Vignette Practice Programs service?
No. You only need to a recent version of any of the popular browsers, such as Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Can I save my work in the practice programs?
Your work will persist the duration of your session which can last up to 7 hours – even if you leave the browser window (without logging out).