Exam Security

Successful demonstration of a person’s knowledge and skill through completion of the Architect Registration Examination ® (ARE®) is one of the important requirements for licensure in all NCARB member jurisdictions. To ensure the integrity of the ARE, NCARB delivers the ARE in secure test center environments, protects all examination content under U.S. copyright laws, and requires all candidates to agree to the ARE Candidate Agreement prior to testing on any division of the ARE. The ARE Candidate Agreement prohibits candidates from attempting to access known examination content prior to testing as well as prohibits any disclosure of exam content after testing.

Security is maintained at the test center through a series of processes. All candidates will be required to complete a check-in process, which includes verification of appropriate identification by the test center administrator. In addition to identification verification, candidates will have their photograph taken, will be scanned by a hand-held metal detector, will be required to sign a log book, and will provide a finger swipe prior to each entry into the testing room. All candidates will be required to submit to all security procedures, with few exceptions made only through the testing accommodations process. Candidates unable to produce appropriate identification or refusing to follow the security procedures will not be permitted to test.

A few helpful reminders to candidates:

  • All personal items brought to the testing center, except for one’s identification, must be left outside of the testing room. Small lockers are provided for candidates use to secure purses, wallets, keys, cell phones, etc. while testing. Lockers will not accommodate large items such as laptops, briefcases, large overcoats, etc. and should not be brought to the test center.
  • Candidates will only have access to provided pencils and scratch paper during the test administration. An on-screen calculator is built into the computerized testing application.
  • Candidates will be required to return all pencils and scratch paper to the test center administrator when exiting the testing room.
  • Candidates are NOT allowed to refer to any study notes, reference materials, and digital devices including cell phones, etc. any time while at the test center including the time during scheduled or unscheduled breaks. Accessing any such items while in the test center may result in the invalidation of the test administration and forfeiture of the examination fee.

    For more information on exam security see the ARE Guidelines.


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