Council Organization

The Council’s organization structure, functions, and processes are governed by its Bylaws.

Board of Directors

The NCARB Board of Directors is a volunteer board of 12 architects, one public member, and one executive from a state board. Each region selects regional directors, Member Board Executives select the MBE director, and the public director is nominated by Member Boards and selected by the Board. Officers are elected each June at the Annual Meeting by our Member Boards. All terms begin on July 1 and end on June 30 each year. [more]

Management Team

Over 90 employees work in our headquarters in Washington, DC. The staff is divided into seven directorates that are guided by the Board of Directors and executive staff. Our management team consists of both architects and non-architects. [more]

Member Boards

The 54 architectural registration boards, which are members of NCARB, have the legal authority to establish licensure requirements, enforce licensure laws and regulations, and respond to complaints of unlicensed or unethical practice. [Contact Information]

NCARB Regions

As Member Boards recognized that their own interests were inseparable from many issues of registration on a national scale, groups of states began to form regional conferences, and in June 1964, Council officially agreed to create six regions. Each of the regions is responsible for its own method of organization, objectives, meetings, finances, and officers. [more]

NCARB Committees

NCARB relies on the work of hundreds of volunteer architects each year from our Member Boards to guide our programs and services. The work of each committee is forwarded to the Board of Directors for review and possible action. [more]

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