Our Mission, Vision, and Values

The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards protects the public health, safety, and welfare by leading the regulation of the practice of architecture through the development and application of standards for licensure and credentialing of architects.

NCARB Vision Statement

NCARB is a diverse, high-performing team consisting of the Board, volunteers, and staff working in concert with our Member Boards to fulfill our mission. NCARB is universally recognized as the global leader of architectural regulation through its exemplary standards, credentialing requirements and reciprocal licensure processes, and consummate customer service. To that end, our strategic goals are:

  • Facilitate Licensure: NCARB programs are catalysts for the early pursuit, achievement, and ongoing maintenance of professional licensure.
  • Foster Collaboration: NCARB’s collaboration with collateral and related organizations leads to a sustained, action-oriented dialogue to identify and address significant issues that impact the profession and the health, safety, and welfare of the public.
  • Centralize Credential Data: Active and ongoing participation by Member Boards in NCARB’s information systems provides the preferred platform for interns and architects to efficiently manage their credentials.

Core Values
The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards believes in being:

Our success depends upon working together. We earn the respect of others by actively partnering, engaging, and collaborating with them. By being transparent and sharing our expertise, approaches, and knowledge, we help create dynamic partnerships that achieve more.

By being receptive and quick to react, we demonstrate our natural human desire to be helpful. Our dedication and determination to be straightforward and deliver outstanding service experiences give our customers confidence and drive satisfaction levels upward.

We are sensitive to the diverse and changing needs of our stakeholders. By being proactively curious about new possibilities and the world around us, we advance our knowledge, simplify our processes, and refine our thinking for the benefit of all.   

Related Publications


Legislative Guidelines and Model Law and Model Regulations
Updated June 2016! The Legislative Guidelines & Model Law and Model Regulations is a guideline for registration boards and state legislatures for the regulation of registered architects.

Download (PDF, 583K)


Rules of Conduct
Updated July 2014! The Rules of Conduct covers the recommended rules for architects for competence, conflict of interest, full disclosure, compliance with laws, and professional conduct. The Rules of Conduct is one of four publications that NCARB updates yearly. The 54 U.S. Member Boards vote any changes to the document at the NCARB Annual Meeting and Conference. An updated version is released in July or August each year.

Download (PDF, 394K)