NCARB by the Numbers (2013)

NCARB by the Numbers - 2013

2013 Edition! NCARB By the Numbers offers an inside look at the data behind the architectural profession. Based on NCARB Record holder data, the 2013 publication provides an update to the analytics and trends in the 2012 edition and includes new data on the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®).

The publication includes data on:

  • NCARB Record applications by gender
  • Time to complete the IDP
  • IDP completions by year
  • Average years between graduation and initial licensure
  • Average age on date of initial licensure
  • Overall ARE division pass rates by candidate degree program type
  • Overall ARE pass rate by candidate eligibility status
  • ARE completions by year
  • Years between first ARE division and exam completion
  • Timeline to initial licensure
  • And much more!

Learn more about these and other trends driving the architectural profession in NCARB by the Numbers. [Download]