NCARB by the Numbers (2014)

2014 NCARB by the NumbersDownload the 2014 NCARB by the Numbers today! 

This year’s NCARB by the Numbers offers a compelling perspective on how the entry point to the architecture profession is changing, and how NCARB is adapting to meet shifting demands. Based on this year’s report, we look at the year ahead with anticipation as we continue to roll out new services and offer crucial updates to existing programs.

The report’s findings serve as a foundation for our ongoing efforts to lead change in the path to an architectural license. While determining the health or status of architecture is a complicated process with a range of variables, indicators from the report reflect that the up and coming class of architects is a thriving one.  

The publication includes data on:

  • NCARB Record applications by gender
  • IDP completions per year
  • Average years between graduation and initial licensure
  • Number of firms interns work at by state
  • Average age on date of initial licensure
  • Average age of IDP supervisors
  • Overall ARE pass rate by candidate eligibility status
  • ARE completions by year
  • Average time it takes to complete the ARE
  • Timeline to initial licensure
  • And much more!