NCARB by the Numbers (2015)

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This year’s NCARB by the Numbers explores the behavior of aspiring architects on the path to licensure in an entirely new format, allowing for a more comprehensive picture of the profession. The latest data indicates progress in several key areas, which all lead to a single, positive conclusion—the architecture profession is not simply healthy, but thriving.

Major findings in the 2015 report include a record-high figure for aspiring architects, and growing diversity within the profession in terms of both women, and racial and ethnic minorities. It also shows that the number of licensed architects is steadily increasing, while the average age of architects upon initial licensure is falling—making for an expanding, and more youthful, professional community.

Here's a snapshot of findings:

  • A record high 37,178 aspiring architects were either reporting hours through the Intern Development Program (IDP) or testing for the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®).
  • The average age of an architect upon initial licensure fell to 33.3 in 2014, shaving off 2.7 years since 2008.
  • Racial and ethnic minorities made up 41 percent of the aspiring architect talent pool in 2014.
  • Women made up 38 percent of aspiring architects who completed the IDP in 2014, compared to 25 percent in 2000.
  • Women also accounted for 35 percent of candidates who completed the ARE last year, a percentage that has nearly doubled since 2000.