International Practice

International Practice

Registration Requirements Around the World 
In keeping with UIA Accord on Recommended International Standards of Professionalism in Architectural Practice, the UIA database houses information on different aspects of professional practice around the globe. Click here to access a country-by-country compilation of requirements and contact information.

Recognition in Australia and New Zealand
Learn more about earning a license in Australia or New Zealand through NCARB's Mutual Recognition Arrangement.

Recognition in Canada
A new Mutual Recognition Agreement between NCARB and the Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities (CALA) took effect on January 1, 2014, updating our long-standing relationship with Canada. The new agreement requires 2,000 hours of post-licensed experience in your home country prior becoming eligible.

Recognition in Mexico
The Tri-National Mutual Recognition Agreement for International Practice of Architecture was jointly developed by NCARB, the Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities (CALA), and the Federacion de Colegios de Arquitectos de la Republica Mexicana (FCARM) in order to remove barriers and provide qualified architects the opportunity to offer professional services across borders while ensuring the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare.

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Architect
The purpose of the APEC Architect project is to establish a common basis for the recognition of professional competence that will simplify access to independent practice as an architect in economies in the Asia-Pacific region.  

International Union of Architects/Union Internationale des Architectes (UIA)
The UIA represents over a million architects throughout the world through national architectural associations that form the UIA Member Sections. While the American Institute of Architects (AIA) is the official U.S. member of the UIA, NCARB is heavily engaged in the UIA Professional Practice Commission responsible for developing international standards of practice.  

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Certification Guidelines
Updated November 2016! The Certification Guidelines outlines the requirements for NCARB certification for U.S., Canadian, and foreign architects.

Download (PDF, 384K)

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Foreign Architects
Foreign applicants can follow two different paths to U.S. licensure or NCARB certification.

Foreign Architect Path to Certification
The foreign architect path to certification allows foreign architects to demonstrate competence to independently practice architecture, while protecting the public health, safety, and welfare to meet the examination requirement of NCARB certification.