Do You Need AXP for Reciprocity?

Each of the following jurisdictions adopted the Architectural Experience Program (AXP) for initial registration in the year indicated. If you are interested in reciprocal registration with any of these jurisdictions, check the AXP adoption date. If you were initially registered after this date and do not meet the exceptions noted below, you MUST document your experience in terms of AXP.*

IDP Adoption Date
Arkansas January 1, 1978
Florida January 1, 1982 OK if registered prior to June 30, 1985
Illinois August 1, 1998 Any architect licensed on or after
August 10, 1998 must complete AXP
Indiana July 1, 1991 OK if registered five years or more
Kansas January 1, 1994
Maryland July 1, 1990 OK if initially examined prior to 6/1990
Michigan January 1, 1992
Minnesota July 2, 1990
New Hampshire July 1, 1996
New Jersey January 1, 1998
New York September 1, 1999
Oregon January 1, 1984 OK if registered more than two years
Pennsylvania July 1, 1992 OK if NCARB certified
Puerto Rico Contact Board OK if approved by board
Rhode Island January 1, 1987
South Dakota July 1, 1993
Tennessee December 1, 1984 OK if NCARB certified
Texas January 1, 1983 OK if registered more than three years
Washington July 29, 2001 OK if registered more than nine years
Wisconsin January 1, 1993

* Please note: In June 2016, NCARB implemented AXP. If you have not documented completion of your experience requirement prior to June 29, 2016, you will need to fulfill the requirements of AXP for NCARB certification.


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