Continuing Education Overview

Registration Renewal and Lifelong Learning

In increasing numbers, registration boards are requiring evidence of lifelong learning when architects apply for registration renewal. NCARB's Professional Development Program recognizes the need for a convenient and affordable continuing education resource with the monograph series.

Vital Topics

NCARB monographs address a wide range of vital topics that relate to new and evolving aspects of architectural technology, technical systems, and regulation, including:

  • mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems
  • solar energy
  • structural problems, including seismic and wind loadings
  • building and life-safety code changes
  • construction systems and techniques
  • ethics
Monograph Series Quizzes: Open Book and Online!

Each monograph and mini-monograph includes a short, open-book, multiple-choice quiz on its subject matter. Upon receiving your monograph or downloading your mini-monograph, you have two years to complete the quiz. All Monograph Series quizzes are taken online through your My NCARB account. This allows test takers to obtain instant feedback: finish an online quiz, hit send, and, voilá, your results are immediately available.

Although individuals may study the monographs independently, group discussions of the topics are encouraged. Completing a monograph quiz, however, is an individual endeavor, and collaboration is prohibited.

AIA Learning Units

NCARB is an approved provider in the American Institute of Architects' Continuing Education System and meet AIA's health, safety, and welfare (HSW) continuing education requirements.

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What are Continuing Education Hours (CEHs)? CEHs are Continuing Education Hours that equal 1 contact hour. CEHs are also sometimes referred to as LUs.