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Architect Licensing Advisors

The Architect Licensing Advisors Community (formerly the IDP Coordinators Program) exists to facilitate the flow of information to architecture students, licensure candidates, and architects about licensure and reciprocity. NCARB develops and improves resources for the advisors regarding all NCARB programs, while the American Institute Architects (AIA) facilitates training related to their programs such as mentorship.

For many licensure candidates, licensing advisors provide the first glimpse into the licensure process, providing tips and guidance along the way. Similar to a supervisor or mentor, you can look to your advisor for first-hand knowledge about earning AXP hours, passing the ARE, NCARB certification, and meeting your jurisdiction’s licensure requirements.

Licensing Advisors are local, state, or university volunteers who are committed to assisting licensure candidates navigate the path to licensure and advising architects on reciprocity. [Position Description]

Some advisors are appointed by universities, AIAS chapters, or AIA state components. To see the list of advisors in your area go to the Architect Licensing Advisors Roster:

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AXP Guidelines
Updated June 2016! The AXP Guidelines is essential reading for licensure candidates, supervisors, and mentors participating in the AXP. The document includes steps to completing the program, reporting procedures, experience requirements, and more!

Download (PDF, 727K)