Project Management

In Project Management, you’ll learn how to deliver projects that meet your contractual requirements, so you’ll be prepared to budget, coordinate, oversee, and execute a project.

Required hours: 360

Upon finishing the AXP, you should be able to competently perform the following tasks:

  • Participate in pre-construction, pre-installation, and regular progress meetings with design team 
  • Determine design fee budget 
  • Coordinate design work of consultants 
  • Collaborate with stakeholders during design process to maintain design intent and comply with owner specifications 
  • Determine project schedule 
  • Coordinate design work of in-house team members 
  • Understand implications of project delivery methods 
  • Prepare Architect-Consultant Agreement 
  • Prepare written communications related to design ideas, project documentation, and contracts 
  • Assist client in determining delivery method for construction of project 
  • Maintain compliance with established milestones 
  • Prepare Owner-Architect Agreement 
  • Assist Owner in obtaining necessary permits and approvals 
  • Perform constructability review to determine buildability, bid ability, and construction sequencing of proposed project 
  • Conduct periodic progress meetings with design and project team 
  • Establish methods for Architect-Client communication based on project scope of work 
  • Identify changes in project scope that require additional services 
  • Manage modifications to the construction contract 
  • Manage information exchange during construction
  • Perform constructability reviews throughout the design process 
  • Perform quality control reviews throughout the documentation process 
  • Define roles and responsibilities of team members 
  • Determine scope of services 
  • Manage project-specific bidding process 
  • Monitor performance of design team consultants 
  • Evaluate appropriateness of building information modeling (BIM) for proposed project
  • Present design concept to stakeholders 
  • Submit schedule of Architect’s services to Owner for each phase 
  • Resolve conflicts that may arise during design and construction process 
  • Prepare staffing plan to meet project goals 
  • Manage implementation of sustainability criteria 
  • Assist client in selecting contractors

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