IDP Experience Settings

IDP hours can be earned through one of three experience settings:

Experience Setting A: Practice of Architecture

You must earn a minimum of 1,860 hours in experience setting A.

  • Direct supervision by an IDP supervisor licensed as an architect in a U.S. or Canadian jurisdiction in an organization engaged in the lawful practice of architecture.
  • Academic internships.
Experience Setting O: Other Work Settings

A maximum of 1,860 hours may be earned in experience setting O.

  • Direct supervision by an IDP supervisor licensed as an architect in a U.S. or Canadian jurisdiction in an organization not engaged in the practice of architecture.
  • Direct supervision by an architect not registered in the United States/Canada engaged in the practice of architecture outside of the United States or Canada.
  • Direct supervision by a landscape architect or registered engineer (practicing as a structural, civil, mechanical, fire protection, or electrical engineer in the field of building construction).
  • Academic internships.
Experience Setting S: Supplemental Experience

Opportunities to earn experience hours outside of a traditional experience setting. Many of the supplemental experience opportunities may be completed whether or not employed. Within supplemental experience, there are opportunities to earn core and elective hours.

  • Supplemental Experience: There are several opportunities to earn hours through supplemental experience. Each opportunity has specific limitations in terms of maximum allowable hours. Hours earned through supplemental experience are credited to the specific experience category and area in which they are earned.
  • Additional Opportunities for Jurisdictional Experience: Some jurisdictions may require documentation of additional hours to meet their experience requirement. You can use these opportunities to meet additional experience requirements in your jurisdiction. Completion of these opportunities will be added to your total hours.
Supervisor Licensure Location Requirement

IDP supervisors, licensed in most U.S. or Canadian jurisdictions, no longer need to be licensed where they are located to review and approve experience reports. It is important to note that this change does not apply to interns earning experience in New York or Texas at this time. Please check with your jurisdiction for more information.

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Updated July 2015! The IDP Guidelines is essential reading for aspiring architects, supervisors, and mentors participating in the IDP. The document includes steps to completing the program, reporting procedures, experience requirements, and more!

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