Emerging Professional's Companion (EPC): Core Hours

An IDP enrichment resource, the Emerging Professional's Companion (EPC) (www.epcompanion.org), provides free web-based experience opportunities outside of the studio or work environment.  

Interns whether or not employed, can earn up to 40 core hours in each experience area by completing EPC activities identified for core credit. Interns can complete EPC activites for IDP credit under the supervision of either their IDP supervisor or mentor.

  • The EPC chapters are aligned with the IDP experience areas.
  • Each chapter includes activities that are identified as qualifying for either core or elective credit.
  • Each activity is worth eight hours.
  • Only activities identified as qualifying for core credit can be applied to your core minimum hours required.
  • Interns can earn a maximum of 600 core minimum hours through EPC with no more than 40 core hours earned in any one of the IDP experience areas.
  • If an intern has already completed the maximum allowable of 40 core minimum hours in a given experience area through any combination of supplemental experience, than EPC activities completed in that area will be credited as elective hours.

Work Product
It is required that interns retain copies of all documentation related to EPC activities completed for IDP credit for a period of at least three years beyond the date the experience is approved by their mentor or IDP supervisor.

Reporting EPC

  • Interns must have an AIA number to report EPC activities.
  • Interns who are not associate members of the AIA, may obtain a temporary AIA number at no charge by following the instructions outlined in the IDP Guidelines.
  • EPC activities must be reviewed by your IDP supervisor or mentor.
  • Report completed activities through the online reporting system under experience setting S.
  • The online reporting system will apply the credits automatically to either your core minimum hours or elective hours as appropriate.
  • Your IDP supervisor or mentor must certify and approve each activity through the online reporting system.

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