Advanced Degree

Important Notice: On June 29, 2016, Advanced Degrees will no longer be eligible for IDP or additional jurisdictional experience. Learn more about the overhaul of IDP.

You can receive 930 additional hours in IDP for earning an advanced degree in architecture after earning a professional degree in architecture from a program accredited by NAAB or CACB. Credit hours must be in subjects evaluated by NCARB as directly related to architecture. Aspiring architects may earn IDP credit for advanced degrees in architecture that meet the following criteria: 

  • The advanced degree must be conferred after the first professional degree (dual degrees do not qualify).
  • The conferring institution must have a college/school of architecture/design that has a NAAB/CACB-accredited program.
  • The advanced degree must be conferred within the college/school of architecture/design.
  • The advanced degree must be documented as related to the IDP experience areas and certified by the institution as directly related to the practice of architecture.

List of Advanced Degree Programs
NCARB publishes a list of acceptable degrees. Programs identified by NAAB as “post-professional” degrees are automatically included on the list. All schools with NAAB-accredited degree programs are contacted directly by NCARB to document additional degrees that meet the NCARB criteria. The advanced degree must be on the list at the time the degree is conferred. [List]

If you have questions regarding an advanced degree not on this list, the conferring institution may contact NCARB at NCARB will only consider adding degrees to the list that have been submitted by the institution. If you are an aspiring architect interested in having a degree added to the list, please have the institution contact NCARB directly.

Reporting Advanced Degrees
Download and mail the transcript request forms and any fee to your school(s).

  1. Each transcript must be returned directly to NCARB by the school. NCARB will only accept transcripts submitted by the school. 
  2. In addition to requesting an official transcript, you are required to report your advanced degree through the online reporting system under experience setting S.
  3. You will be required to upload a copy of your transcript or diploma to the online reporting system.
  4. NCARB will not be able to approve your advanced degree until after the official transcript from your school has been received.
  5. You can monitor your NCARB Record status at My NCARB Record. You will also receive an email notification confirming receipt of your official transcript from your school.

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