Intern Think Tank: Shape the Future of Licensure

Intern Think Tank
What do you think a future version of the licensure process should look like?

The Intern Think Tank is your opportunity to get involved and be a part of the decisions that are made for the future.

 Who:      12 Interns
 When:      October 10-11, 2014
 Where:      Washington, DC

Will analyze the real-world implementation and effectiveness of the current licensure process, explore blue-sky ideas related to the entire licensure concept, and share suggestions with the Council's leadership

FY15 Intern Think Tank Members

Over the last two years, NCARB received over 400 applications from interns interested in participating on the Intern Think Tank. This year, rather than have an open call for applicants, we selected 12 interns who previously applied in either 2012 or 2013.

We expect to hold an open call for applications for the 2015 Intern Think Tank in early 2015—so stay tuned!

FY15 Intern Think Tank Charges:

The Intern Think Tank will meet in person (October 10-11) to conduct research, develop concepts, and compile a report and presentation of its findings for the Council’s Internship Advisory Committee and the NCARB Board of Directors. Its charges are:

  1. PROS & CONS: Identify the most successful and challenging elements of the licensure process.
  2. SLIDESHOW: Design a presentation to be used by NCARB’s national outreach team that graphically represents the path to licensure.  
  3. TITLING: Assuming that no term has yet been established, discuss the appropriate individual title for each stage of the path to licensure ranging from the student who has begun IDP, someone post-student/pre-licensure, and licensed practitioner.
  4. SUPERVISION/MENTORING: Document supervisor and mentor needs with regard to tools/support from the perspective of the intern. Review the current IDP Supervisor Guidelines and make recommendations for improvements, including “mentoring up” philosophy.
  5. RESOURCES: Brainstorm and propose new tools/resources for use by interns progressing through the licensure process.
  6. FEEDBACK: Consider new/ongoing NCARB initiatives and provide feedback from the perspective of the intern.
  7. GRASSROOTS: Brainstorm potential opportunities to take the Intern Think Tank concept to the grassroots level (e.g. individual state events).

If you have questions about the Intern Think Tank, please contact Harry Falconer at   

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