Think Tank: Your Future, Your Profession

The Think Tank

Since 2012, NCARB has convened a yearly Think Tank (formerly Intern Think Tank). The name has changed, but the goal is the same: to shape the future of licensure. Each group of 12 licensure candidates has explored different aspects of becoming an architect, from earning hours and understanding the exam to engaging supervisors to completing licensure.

This year we have a special opportunity for the 2016 Think Tank. Selected applicants will attend the NCARB Committee Summit in Miami, FL. During this meeting, Think Tank members will engage in conversation with the NCARB leadership and volunteers who make up our main committees, providing feedback and direction to all of our programs for licensure and reciprocity.

We are not currently accepting Think Tank applications. Check back later this year to learn more about the findings of the 2016 Think Tank.

Learn more about previous NCARB Think Tanks:

If you have questions about the Think Tank, please contact Martin Smith at   

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