NCARB's Online Reporting System

The online reporting system is a tool that interns and IDP supervisors use to report and review experience for the Intern Development Program (IDP) through My NCARB. The system is also used by architects applying for NCARB certification that need to document their experience.

How It Works

Each time an intern submits a report, their IDP supervisor receives an e-mail notification with a link to their report. Once the supervisor has created a profile in the system, they can review and approve all of their interns' experience reports online. With the new system, the intern's Record is updated immediately, and they can log on to their NCARB Record at any time to see how they are progressing through the IDP. 

The system provides transparency into the process and is a useful tool that will help both interns and IDP supervisors meet the goals and requirements of the IDP.  

Log In

If you are an intern and need to report experience, log in here.

If you are a supervisor or mentor and need to review or approve experience, log in here.

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Getting Started

Get a quick review on how to enter or review experience on the online reporting system.

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    Videos: [Introduction]  [Weekly Reporting & Widget

New Features

The system was designed with flexibility in mind—allowing for additional features and enhancements to be built and rolled out over time. [Weekly Reporting] [Widget]


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