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IDP 2.0 Resources


IDP Guidelines
Essential reading for interns, supervisors, and mentors participating in the Intern Development Program (IDP). The document includes introductory information, steps to completing the program, reporting procedures, work settings, training requirements, and tasks interns should understand before becoming licensed. [download]

Certification Guidelines 
Describes the NCARB organization, services, procedures, and examinations. Also outlines requirements for certification, IDP training requirements, and certification requirements for Canadian architects. [download]

Emerging Professional's Companion (EPC)

An IDP training enrichment resource, the EPC provides free web-based training opportunities outside of the studio environment. Aspiring architects, whether or not employed in a qualified experience setting can earn up to 40 hours in each experience area by completing activities in the EPC.

Mobile App

Reporting hours for IDP credit has never been easier, thanks to the MY IDP mobile app! [more]


IDP e-news
This electronic publication is sent to NCARB Record holders currently completing the Intern Development Program (IDP). Topics cover the latest news about the program, Record-processing information, important reminders, and other updates. [more]

Podcasts, Videos, and Webcasts 

Destination Architect: Experience
Earning experience is an essential step on the path to becoming an architect. Learn more about how to meet the experience requirement for architectural licensure. [Watch]

NCARB Talks: The IDP Experience
Martin Smith, NCARB's manager of Experience and Education, talks about his participation in the IDP and the importance of working with his supervisor throughout the program. [Watch]

NCARB Talks: One Path to Licensure
Meet Jared Zurn, NCARB’s director of Examination. Zurn talks about his unique path to licensure and why earning a license and the NCARB Certificate was important to him. [Watch]

The New Online Reporting System
A new online reporting system launched with IDP 2.0. Learn more about the new system and how it compares to the e-EVR. [Watch]

Online Reporting System: Weekly Reporting and Widget
Learn how to use the weekly reporting format and homepage widget in the online reporting system with this instructional video. [Watch]

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IDP Reporting Extension Request Form
Form to request an IDP reporting requirements extension. Extensions are granted for the birth or adoption of a child, serious medical conditions, active duty in military service, or other such like causes.

Download (PDF, 112K)

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