Working With A Mentor

What is a mentor?

A mentor is a loyal adviser, teacher, or coach. A mentor should make a long-term commitment to a licensure candidate’s professional growth. If possible, the mentor should not work in the same office as the licensure candidate, so that the licensure can gain useful insight into the daily work experience.

A mentor must be an architect; however, the mentor does not need to be registered in the jurisdiction where the licensure candidate is located.

A Mentor’s Role

A licensure candidate and mentor should meet periodically to review experience reports submitted for the AXP. A mentor is also a resource for supplemental experience opportunities and can provide guidance to enhance a licensure candidate’s professional growth.

Expectations for a Mentor

A licensure candidate and mentor should discuss expectations and come to an agreement on such issues as: the length of the relationship; frequency and types of meetings and other activities; and how to give each other feedback.

Confidentiality is an absolute must, for both mentor and licensure candidate, with regard to personal and professional issues.

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