Getting an Initial License

Each jurisdiction sets its own requirements for initial registration, examination, and corporate practice. Because each jurisdiction may change its rules, statutes, and regulations at any time, it is always advisable to check with the individual board to verify registration and practice requirements.

You may view the NCARB position on each requirement, based on requirements specified in the most recent edition of the NCARB Education Standard, Rules of Conduct, and Legislative Guidelines & Model Law/Model Regulations.

Registration Board Licensing Requirements

Registration Board Licensing Requirements
Each year, NCARB surveys the 54 U.S. registration boards on their registration requirements. You should always contact a board directly to learn about becoming registered in that jurisdiction. Contact information and a link to the board’s web site are included with each jurisdiction’s responses.

Foreign Architects

Foreign Architects
Foreign applicants can follow two different paths to U.S. licensure or NCARB certification: The standard path or go through the foreign architect path to certification.


A NAAB or CACB-accredited professional degree is a standard requirement for most U.S. registration boards. If you do not have a degree from an accredited program, you may have your degree evaluated by EESA.

My NCARB is a secure section of NCARB’s website that houses services for NCARB Record holders, AXP supervisors and mentors, NCARB volunteers, and registration boards.

Fees associated with NCARB programs and services.

Getting Initial License
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The time it takes to earn your initial license is influenced by many variables. [more]

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