Note: All fees are subject to change and are non-refundable unless otherwise noted.

Architectural Experience Program (AXP)

Note: Application and renewal fees changed June 29, 2016. Learn more.

Application Fee: $100 
This fee keeps your Record active for one year and includes one free transmittal of your Record for initial registration.

Annual Renewal Fee: $85
There is an annual renewal fee assessed after the first year. Maintaining your Record will cost $85 each year until you become registered.

Please note: If your Record remains continuously active until you receive your initial license, NCARB will waive the Certificate Application Fee of $1,100 for the first year of certification (see below). In addition, your Certificate Renewal Fee will be half price for the first year.

Lapsed Record:
If you have let your Record lapse for any amount of time as a licensure candidate and wish to reactivate your Record as a licensure candidate, you will be subject to the $85 annual renewal fee for each year or fraction of a year from the date your Record expired, up to a maximum of $185 (equivalent to the $100 Licensure Candidate Application Fee + a $85 Licensure Candidate Annual Renewal Fee).

Architect Registration Examination (ARE)

Note: ARE 5.0 fees are now available. Learn more.

ARE 4.0 Fees

United States and Canada (includes U.S. territories):

Cost of the ARE (seven divisions): $1,470
Individual divisions: $210
Retakes: $210

International locations (London, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong):

Cost of the ARE (seven divisions): $1,470
Individual divisions: $210
Retakes: $210

Note: International fees for ARE 4.0 changed in late 2016. Learn more.

Rescheduling Fee: $60-80
In the event that you need to reschedule an exam division, a $60-80 rescheduling fee will apply. Rescheduling an existing appointment must take place no later than 12:00 noon ET (Eastern Time) on the fourth business day prior to your scheduled appointment. Please note that Saturday and Sunday are not considered business days.

0-3 business days before appointment: Rescheduling not permitted
4-15 business days (by 12 Noon ET) before appointment: $80
16 or more business days (by 12 Noon ET) before the appointment: $60

NCARB Certificate

Note: The Certificate application fee changed June 29, 2016. Learn more.

Certificate Application Fee: $1,100
This fee covers one year of NCARB services to compile your NCARB Record and verify your credentials in pursuit of NCARB certification. Once you are approved for certification, this fee also maintains your Certificate in active status for one year.

Please note: All fees assessed by third parties in support of your application are your responsibility (ex. official transcripts fees, license verification fees, etc.).

Certificate Annual Renewal Fee: $225
This fee must be paid each year by registered architects to keep the NCARB Certificate and/or Record in active status.

Reactivation Fee: $250 + all outstanding annual renewal fees up to the maximum of $1,100
If your NCARB Record lapsed for any amount of time, you must pay a $250 reactivation fee plus all annual renewal fees assessed during the period of inactivity up to a maximum reactivation fee of $1,100.

Transmittal: $400
This fee must be paid for each transmittal of your NCARB Record to a U.S. registration board, Canadian provincial association, or foreign regulatory authority entitled under NCARB agreements or policies. You must have an active Record or Certificate to pursue this service.

Paper Processing Fee
Beginning July 1, 2016, an additional charge of $20 will be added to paper renewals. To avoid this charge and help NCARB go paperless, please renew your Record online through My NCARB.

Broadly Experienced Architect (BEA)

Note: A new path to Certification for Experienced Architects will launch early 2017. Learn more.

Education Dossier Review Fee: Up to $5,000*
*Please note:
The following chart outlines the Dossier Review Fee structure, which introduces cost per subject area deficiency with a maximum fee not to exceed $5,000. Your dossier review fee includes one non-refundable format review fee of $500.

BEA Dossier Review Fee Structure
Subject Area Fee
Design $3,500
Technical Systems $1,285
History and Theory $750
Practice $500
General Education $500
Maximum Total: $5,000

Dossier Format Review Fee: $500
If your dossiers are not approved in the format review and you revise and submit new dossiers this fee is due upon dossier submission.


Dishonored Check: $25

Note: All fees are subject to change and are non-refundable unless otherwise noted.

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