Overhauled IDP

Note: this page was updated on June 2, 2016.

New Experience Areas

On June 29, 2016, the Intern Development Program’s (IDP) current 17 experience areas will be realigned into six broad practice-based areas:

 New Experience Areas  Required Hours
 Practice Management  160
 Project Management  360
 Programming & Analysis  260
 Project Planning & Design  1,080
 Project Development & Documentation  1,520
 Construction & Evaluation  360
 Total Hours  3,740

IDP Experience Calculator

To help make this transition as smooth as possible, we designed the IDP Experience Calculator. In conjunction with the Experience Area Map [PDF], you can use the calculator to see how your current hours will merge into the six new experience areas. 

New Experience Settings

Another new feature is that the overhauled IDP will have two experience settings—Setting A: Practice of Architecture and Setting O: Other Experiences.

Setting A: Practice of Architecture (1,860 Hours Minimum)

All requirements and definitions will remain the same. See page 10 of the IDP Guidelines for more details.

Setting O: Other Experiences

A number of existing supplemental experience opportunities—including site visits, construction work, and design competitions—will be incorporated into Setting O. Starting June 29, 2016, the following experience opportunities will fall under Setting O:

Note: Bolded hours differ from current IDP requirements.

 Experience Setting O Where the Hours Go  Maximum Hours Earned
Other Work Settings Any IDP experience area 1,860 hours
Design or Construction Related Employment Any IDP experience area 320 hours
NCARB’s Professional Conduct Monograph  Practice Management  16 hours
CSI Certification: CCS Construction & Evaluation 40 hours
CSI Certification: CCCA Project Planning & Design 40 hours
Community Based Design Center/Collaborative Any IDP experience area 320 hours
Design Competitions Any IDP experience area 320 hours
Site Visit With Mentor Construction & Evaluation 40 hours
Construction Work Construction & Evaluation 320 hours
AIA Continuing Education for HSW Any IDP experience area 20 hours per experience area

When the overhauled IDP launches, the following opportunities will no longer be eligible for IDP or additional jurisdictional experience:

  • Leadership & Service
  • Emerging Professional’s Companion (EPC)
  • GBCI LEED AP Certification
  • Advanced Degrees
  • AIA Continuing Education LUs
  • CSI Certificate Program: CDT
  • Teaching or Research in a NAAB-accredited program


When IDP 2.0 launched in 2012, a number of aspiring architects received an exemption from having to satisfy current experience area requirements. When this change goes into effect on June 29, exemptions will not carry over to the new program.

  • After June 29, all aspiring architects will need to meet the IDP’s new experience requirements.
  • Aspiring architects with exemptions may need to earn additional hours in the new broad experience areas.
  • Rest assured, the hours you’ve already earned will remain in your NCARB Record, and can be used to satisfy either IDP requirements or additional opportunities.
  • Any hours that fall outside of the six new areas can be used to fulfill additional jurisdictional requirements.

Helpful Resources

In the coming months, be on the lookout for video webinars, blog articles, social media updates, and more. Remember, you can always reach out to our Customer Service team at 202/879-0520 or customerservice@ncarb.org.