Introducing the IDP Supervisor e-News: A Great New Resource

Welcome to the IDP Supervisor e-News

The IDP Supervisor e-News is a new quarterly electronic newsletter for supervisors. Supervisors can provide interns with the best foundation for their future if they understand the program and give guidance on how to get the most out of it. This e-News is designed to offer tips and resources that will assist both supervisors and interns in navigating the program. Click here to read the October 2009 IDP Supervisor e-News.

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Click here to read and sign-up for the IDP e-News, which is sent to NCARB Record holders currently completing the Intern Development Program (IDP). Topics cover the latest news about the program, Record-processing information, important reminders, and the information related to the program from NCARB’s Annual Meeting and Conference held each June.

For more information on the IDP program, visit the Experience Through Internships section

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