A Message to NCARB From Prometric Regarding Delayed Score Reports

September 2009

Score reports for those candidates who have tested since early July have been delayed. In addition, there are a few candidates who tested in June whose results have also been delayed.

Since early July 2009, Prometric has been involved with terminating the ARE 3.1 program and transitioning almost 20,000 candidates with almost 87,000 eligibilities to the 4.0 program. Along with that, we originally planned for scores for ARE candidates testing in early July to be processed and mailed by late-August, assuming that was sufficient to implement system changes. However, these changes were more complicated than expected and have taken longer to complete.

As we have shared in the past, scores are processed in sets that take about two to three weeks. We have received over 4,000 solutions in the set that is currently being processed. This set started processing in mid-September and we expect to complete it by the end of September. Given the large volume of results and the processing required, we are planning to print and mail about 1,100 score reports by September 25, and another 2,000 by October 2.

We regret any inconvenience that this has caused candidates.


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