December ARE e-News: Changes to the Exam Process Coming in 2013

In late August 2013, NCARB will launch a new portal within My NCARB for Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) candidates to access their examination information and schedule appointments.

2013 ARE Blackout: Begins 1 July 2013
As announced in September 2011, Alpine Testing Solutions, Inc. will take over content and candidate management for the ARE, and Prometric will continue to be the Council’s site management consultant beginning 1 July 2013. In order to facilitate the migration of data to the new consultant, there will be an estimated eight-week blackout for candidates from scheduling and taking exams beginning 1 July 2013. 

Read the December ARE e-News to learn more about the new portal, the upcoming blackout, a rolling clock extension, and how to prepare for the blackout. [Read]