December IDP Supervisor e-News: New Reporting Options for Interns

NCARB has released a new weekly reporting option that gives interns even more flexibility when reporting their experience hours in the online reporting system.

Weekly Reporting
In response to intern requests, NCARB is offering a new weekly reporting option that lets interns track their time in a way that’s more in tune with their daily workflow. Similar to a timesheet, the weekly reporting option allows daily hours to be entered for each week in a report’s selected time range.
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Learn more about the features in the online reporting system by watching the short video tutorial. [Watch Video]

New Opportunities
Interns now have more ways to earn IDP experience! NCARB has implemented a new opportunity—construction work—and modified the academic internship opportunity to remove the 930-hour cap. In the case of academic internships, the change is retroactive to April 5. [Learn more]

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