Setting the record straight: New ARE service launching in August 2013

In late August, NCARB will launch a new service within My NCARB called My Examination. We're here to set the record straight and bust a few myths about what these changes mean for candidates. For instance: Did you know that exam cost and content will not change? In addition to being able to schedule appointments, ARE candidates will have easy access to score reports, exam history, rolling clock dates, authorization to test information, and more.

To prepare for My Examination, there will be an estimated eight-week blackout beginning 1 July 2013. NCARB will grant an automatic 12-week extension to the rolling clock and is working with jurisdictions to ensure all candidates receive the same extension.

Read the April ARE e-News to learn about My Examination's exciting new benefits, the rolling clock extension, and how to prepare for the blackout. Plus, visit our website for the latest updates related to the launch.