AIA National: The Intern-Supervisor Connection (Washington, DC)

Date: Saturday, 19 May 2012
Time: 7 - 8 a.m.
Room: 152A, Washington Convention Center
Location: AIA National Convention, Washington, DC
Learning Units: 1
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One of the premises of this year's conference is that "in practice we are stronger when we connect to others." Within firms, one of the most powerful connections the profession can leverage is the supervisor and intern connection. A better understanding of the intern development process creates the ultimate win-win scenario for interns and firms. The Intern Development Program (IDP) targets the comprehensive training that is essential for competent practice. The experience an intern gains through the IDP will help them become more diversified and valuable within the office.
The IDP cannot be completed by the intern alone. The IDP supervisor plays a vital role in the process. Through this session, supervisors will learn how to be a good "coach" and how to help interns progress efficiently through the IDP and the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) in pursuit of licensure. They will discover the value in the two-way relationship that develops between an intern and a supervisor and how the relationship ultimately benefits firms, supervisors, interns, and the profession at large.
The panel discussion will include a supervisor who personally completed IDP, one who did not, and an intern currently completing the program. This panel discussion will directly address a powerful means to strengthen firm culture and the profession.

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