NCARB Announces Mailing of Practice Analysis Survey

In late May, a randomly selected group of licensed architects throughout the U.S. and Canada will be asked to participate in an important survey that is part of NCARB’s Practice Analysis Study. Data from the completed Practice Analysis will be used by NCARB’s Test Specification Committee as it reviews the specifications for the nine divisions of the Architect Registration Examination. All architects who have been selected to participate in the survey are encouraged to thoughtfully complete the survey and return it promptly.

The Practice Analysis Study consists of four key activities conducted with representatives of the architectural profession: focus groups, work observations, and critical incident interviews, and the mailed survey. The survey of practitioners is considered the most important component of the Practice Analysis, because it will reach the greatest number of architects. NCARB has contracted with The Chauncey Group International, a subsidiary of Educational Testing Service, to conduct the 18-month project. The scheduled completion date is January 2001.

The NCARB Practice Analysis focuses on a number of important aspects of the architecture profession, including:

• current practices,
• cutting edge and emerging trends, and
• the education and professional development of architects.

Architects are reminded that future improvements to the Architect Registration Examination depend upon full participation in this study. For further information, contact Mark McKechnie, AIA, Director, Professional Development; NCARB, 1735 New York Avenue, NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20006; by telephone: 202/783-6500; or e-mail the Council at