NCARB Publishes Two New Monographs

The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards recently released two new additions to its Professional Development monograph series: Low-Slope Roofing I and Professional Conduct.

Low-Slope Roofing I
is written to help a practitioner become more familiar with roofing terminology and concepts and more skilled in designing built-up roofing (BUR) systems. Built-up roofing, a type of low-slope roofing system, is specified on about 35 percent of new buildings in the U.S. today. This publication discusses the entire roof assembly: roof deck, vapor retarder, drainage, insulation, and membrane materials. Specific topics include code requirements, design considerations, material options, and installation techniques. The monograph was written by Justin Henshell, AIA, NCARB, a partner at Henshell & Buccalleto in Red Bank, New Jersey.

Professional Conduct
provides guidance to architects on standards of professional conduct that they are legally obliged to follow. The publication discusses NCARB’s recommended Rules of Conduct, and includes real and fictional scenarios that challenge the reader to evaluate the situations based on professional standards of competence, accountability and honesty. It includes a discussion of lessons learned from the worst structural disaster in the United States, the collapse of walkways in the Kansas City Hyatt Hotel in 1981. The monograph was written by Daniel A. Taylor, a partner in the Boston-based law firm Hill & Barlow P.C.

Low-Slope Roofing I and Professional Conduct are part of NCARB's Professional Development Program that began in 1993 to address the increasing need for continuing education and education verification. Other NCARB monograph titles include: Subsurface Conditions, Fire Safety in Buildings, Wind Forces, and Seismic Mitigation. NCARB's monograph series allows architects to conveniently demonstrate ongoing learning in order to renew their professional registration. All US jurisdictions accept NCARB Professional Development Program monographs for compliance with state continuing education requirements.

The successful completion of the quiz that accompanies each monograph equals 10 contact hours in Health, Safety, and Welfare and 10 AIA Learning Units. The regular price for most monographs is $95; NCARB Record holders may purchase them for $75 each. To order, or for more information about these titles, or any other title in NCARB's Professional Development Program, contact NCARB at 202/783-6500. Or visit NCARB's publications section.