NCARB Unveils Career Resource for High School and College Students

The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards has released [A Student's Pathway to Architecture], an introductory career resource geared toward high school students and college freshmen.

Originally developed by Norman H. Rudi, AIA of Ames, IA, a practicing architect and president of the Iowa Architectural Examining Board, Pathway offers an overview of the steps one must take in order to prepare for a career in architecture. Presented as a Flash movie, Mr. Rudi's material may be viewed from the Council's web site.

A CD-ROM-based, PowerPoint version of the presentation is also available to individuals interested in giving presentations to high school students or college freshmen. This information can also be included within larger events such as on-site career fairs.

For students just beginning to consider their future, a career "pathway" can seem to be confusing. Thus, the presentation's goal is to clearly define the steps taken when planning for a career in architecture.

Running for approximately four minutes, the Pathway presentation offers pertinent details about becoming a registered architect. For example, viewers are reminded to enroll in an accredited NAAB-program in order to meet the first of three steps leading to an architectural career. Steps Two (internship) and Three (examination) are also described.

To view A Student's Pathway to Architecture, visit the NCARB web site at In order to request the Pathway CD-ROM and speaking notes, contact Kim Kerker, Assistant Director, Communication, at 202/879-0531.