Council Mail Update

Please be advised that mail service in the Washington, DC area continues to be affected by the anthrax-related events that occurred in October 2001.

The city’s main mail processing-center, Brentwood, remains closed as officials begin efforts to decontaminate the work site. Since Brentwood’s closure on October 22, 2001, the Postal Service is using an ad hoc system of city and suburban centers to process Washington’s mail.

NCARB, as well as the majority of DC-based businesses and residents, is sporadically receiving irradiated mail originally sent in October. For example, Council Record Services recently received information from the Louisiana Board on Wednesday, January 9, 2002; the envelope was postmarked October 18, 2001.

Due to these circumstances, incoming mail to the Council, especially mail sent in early to mid-October, continues to be affected. Should you receive any inquiries from our constituents, please apprise them of this ongoing situation.

Although we cannot track the status of our incoming mail, questions concerning outstanding correspondence may be directed to the Quality Assurance division (202/879-0520 or We appreciate your continued patience and understanding.