Indoor Environment Monograph Revised and Updated

Indoor Environment, the second title in NCARB’s Professional Development Program monograph series, has been reissued with newly revised and updated information. It was originally published in 1994.

The monograph, written and revised by Ronald V. Gobbell, FAIA, Steve M. Hays, PE, CIH, Peter D. Cappel, and Phyllis Gobbell, explores the many complex elements and properties that characterize human habitation. As the authors note, “A healthful environment promotes the comfort, health, and sense of well-being of all who live, work or play within it.” Unhealthy indoor environments not only lead to significant and wide-ranging health effects; they also can have serious economic impacts.

Architects are encouraged to recognize their substantial role in alleviating many of the concerns that typify poor indoor environment. While designing a building, an architect can control the selection of materials as well as devise pathways through which contaminants may be exhausted.

The newly updated Indoor Environment sells for $125 (current NCARB Record holders) and $195 (non-NCARB Record holders). Those successfully completing the Indoor Environment quiz will earn 10 professional development units and 10 AIA Learning Units in health, safety and welfare. All monograph quizzes may now be taken online through the NCARB web site. This added convenience eliminates processing time and provides test takers with immediate results.

The NCARB Professional Development Program monograph series was created in 1993 in order to address the increasing need for continuing education and professional development verification. The revised and updated Indoor Environment joins the following titles currently available: Cracking the Codes, Low-Slope Roofing II, the revised and updated Energy-Conscious Architecture, Why Buildings Fail, Sustainable Design, Professional Conduct, Low-Slope Roofing I, Seismic Mitigation, Subsurface Conditions, Wind Forces, and Fire Safety in Buildings.

NCARB’s newest monograph, Design Within a Community Context, will be available in late summer 2002. Future monographs will explore topics including building performance, crime prevention in the context of design, building security, the building envelope, smart growth, and interior architecture.

NCARB monographs are a portable professional development resource that investigate subject matter of interest to practicing architects and other design professionals. All U.S. jurisdictions accept the PDP monographs for compliance with state continuing education requirements. To order monographs, visit the NCARB web site at [].