NCARB’s Newest Monograph Release, Daylighting Performance and Design, Offers Continuing Education for Architects

Washington DC—NCARB’s newest monograph, Daylighting Performance and Design, explores the fascinating challenges of balancing the human preference for natural light with energy efficient and sustainable design. This guide to the successful use of daylighting includes case studies that illustrate the various benefits of daylight in commercial, industrial, education, and institutional settings.

According to author Gregg D. Ander, AIA, “The relationship among people, daylight, and architectural form is intimate. Daylight has the potential to introduce life, variation, and drama into otherwise banal spaces.”

Comprising six chapters, Daylighting begins with an in-depth look at five design fundamentals of daylighting: issues, variables, strategies, elements, and options. Subsequent chapters discuss occupant productivity and performance, glazing properties, and integration with electric lighting. A section on daylighting design tools offers a comprehensive introduction to related computer programs (RADIANCE, SUPERLITE, and DOE2), as well as a number of useful worksheets that can be applied to different design scenarios.

With more than 175 figures, including a wide range of illustrations, graphs, and charts, the monograph provides “explanations at a glance” for busy readers.

Architects who successfully complete the Daylighting Performance and Design quiz will earn 12 professional development units and/or American Institute of Architects learning units in health, safety, and welfare. Its price includes the monograph, the web-based quiz, and the score reporting process. Online, fax, and mail orders are accepted for Daylighting.

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[Daylighting Performance and Design]
Gregg D. Ander, FAIA
315 Pages
Regular Price: $250
NCARB Record Holders: $160