NCARB’s Newest Monograph Release, Architectural Acoustics, Offers Continuing Education for Architects

Washington, DC—NCARB’s newest monograph, Architectural Acoustics, delves into the basic principles of acoustics, acoustic materials, and building noise control applications. Everything from the site selection to the arrangement of the spaces within has an influence on the acoustics of a building.

The monograph’s six chapters have been authored by a group of experienced consultants in the developing field of architectural acoustics. Topics covered include: acoustic materials and methods, building noise control applications, sound reinforcement systems, and recent innovations in acoustical design and research. There are also three appendices that cover conversion factors, abbreviations, and units; acoustical societies; and how to select an acoustical consultant.

According to co-author William J. Cavanaugh, “Every building acoustics consideration can be thought of as a system of sources, paths, and receivers of sound. Even the most complex problem can be broken down into one or more sources to be studied along with the paths over which the sound will be transmitted to the eventual receptors of the sound.”

Each chapter includes case studies filled with charts and tables to help readers understand the ways sound is produced, measured, enhanced, and controlled in man-made environments in and around buildings.

Architects who successfully complete the Architectural Acoustics quiz will earn 14 professional development units and/or American Institute of Architects learning units in health, safety, and welfare. Its price includes the monograph, the web-based quiz, and the score reporting process. Online, fax, or mail orders are accepted for all NCARB monographs.

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Architectural Acoustics
354 Pages
Edited by William J. Cavanaugh and Joseph A. Wilkes
Regular Price: $275
NCARB Record holders: $185