ARE® Timing Hot Topic at NCARB’s 88th Annual Meeting and Conference

Denver, CO—The hot topic at the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards’ Annual Meeting and Conference was ARE® Timing. The issue was thoroughly debated, discussed, and examined. Reciprocity, states’ rights, and IDP were the key words heard throughout the debate. In the end, Member Boards passed Resolution 07-8 as amended.

Member Boards considered two resolutions related to the sequencing of the Intern Development Program (IDP) and the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®). Both allowed individual jurisdictions to determine when a candidate is eligible to begin taking the exam, however one, Resolution 07-8, would have affected when a candidate would be allowed to finish the examination. Resolution 07-8 stated a candidate may begin the exam when he or she has fulfilled their jurisdiction’s education requirement and enrolled in IDP, and would only be allowed to take the Construction Documents & Services and Building Design & Construction Systems divisions upon the completion of IDP.

The body moved to amend the resolution to simply state, “To begin taking the ARE an applicant shall have fulfilled all requirements for eligibility established by his or her jurisdiction and shall have enrolled in IDP by establishing a Council record.” Then they further amended the amendment to state, “And finally Resolved, that it is the intent and policy of the Council that all jurisdictions accept NCARB certification as a basis for reciprocal registration without the application of any other state requirements applicable to initial licensure in such state.”

Resolution 07-9, the second resolution related to ARE timing, was withdrawn following the amendments to Resolution 07-8.

Currently in the majority of NCARB’s 54 jurisdictions, the NCARB Certificate is the main requirement for reciprocity. Until now, NCARB has had no position on the sequencing of the three requirements for licensure (education, experience, and examination), however it recommended candidates earn a NAAB-accredited degree, complete IDP, and then pass the ARE. Over forty jurisdictions have adopted this sequence and some will continue to require it in the future. Nine jurisdictions currently allow IDP and the ARE to be completed concurrently.

Although the NCARB Board of Directors strongly believes the sequencing of IDP and ARE should not affect reciprocity and the acceptance of the NCARB Certificate, some jurisdictions expressed concern that the sequencing could influence whether an architect would be granted reciprocity. Candidates should contact their state board for their position on this topic and how the passage of Resolution 07-8, as amended, will affect their jurisdiction.

One thing most jurisdictions did agree on was the importance of IDP in the licensure process. All jurisdictions require an experience component and 51 require the IDP program, including those that already allow concurrent IDP and ARE completion. In order to earn the NCARB Certificate, candidates will continue to be required to complete IDP.