NCARB Launches Online Application for NCARB Record

Washington, DC—The process to start an NCARB Record just got easier. Interns and architects can now fill out the Application for an NCARB Record to pursue Certification or to begin the Intern Development Program (IDP) online. The new online application will cut the time it takes to establish an NCARB Record down to one week or less. Submitting a paper application is a four week process.

Here’s how it works:

Step one:

Visit the NCARB web site ( and click on the “Start your NCARB Record online” link.

Step two:

Click under “New Users” and then fill out the necessary information pertaining to your personal information, education history, and work experience.

Step three:

Review for accuracy. Errors will delay your processing time.

Step four:

Choose your form of payment; credit card or e-check. You will have a chance to review your payment information before it is submitted.

Step five:

Hit submit and check your e-mail. You will receive two e-mails. The first will let you know your payment went through and the second will assign you an NCARB Record number.

Step six:

Log into “My NCARB Record” and download the remaining forms needed to complete your record, fill them out, and then send them to the appropriate school or reference. When they are received by NCARB your Record will be updated online in “My NCARB Record.”

If you cannot fill out the entire application in one sitting, no problem! You can save the information you have already entered and come back to it at your convenience.

The electronic version of the Application for an NCARB Record is the first step in changing how NCARB processes and maintains Records for interns and architects. NCARB is already hard at work preparing other forms so they may be completed online to further cut down on process and evaluation times.