Architect Andrew W. Prescott, AIA, Elected First Vice President of National Architect Council

Washington, DC— Andrew W. Prescott, AIA, of Potomac, MD, and Keeseville, NY, recently was elected first vice president of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) at its 89th Annual Meeting and Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. Prescott previously served as the Council’s treasurer. In 2006 he was director for Region 2 (Middle-Atlantic Conference) and represented the following U.S. jurisdictions: Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. By virtue of his recent election, Prescott will assume the presidency of NCARB in July 2009.

Prescott was also presented with the President’s Medal for Distinguished Service at the Annual Meeting. He was recognized for his many contributions to the Practice Analysis Task Force, his leadership role developing the NCARB Position Paper for the NAAB 2008 Accreditation Review Conference (ARC), and for more than two decades of generous service to both the Council and the profession of architecture.

For 26 years Prescott was affiliated with Einhorn Yaffee Prescott (EYP), a well-regarded architecture and engineering firm with offices in Albany, Boston, New York, and Washington, DC. As a founder and executive principal, Prescott managed projects in 45 states and 15 foreign countries that generated more then $100 million annually in fees. EYP specializes in five practice areas: higher education, historic preservation, government, K-12 education, and science and technology. In 1995 EYP received an IDP Outstanding Firm Award from NCARB and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in recognition of its support and development of emerging professionals.

Prescott first became involved with NCARB in 1988 as a grader of the then paper-and-pencil Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®), the multi-division test developed by NCARB and taken by all architects in the United States and Canada seeking registration. His commitment to the ARE is well-known and includes stints as chair of the Committee on Examination and the ARE Subcommittee, two of the most important groups that oversee the exam’s development, grading, and administration. He also chaired the Vignettes Enhancement Task Force and has been a
writer, grader, and group coordinator for both the multiple-choice and graphic divisions. In 2006, he co-chaired the Intern Development Program Coordinating Committee.

Most recently, Prescott served as Board liaison to the Committee on Education and chair of the Practice Analysis Task Force. Last year the Task Force conducted a survey of nearly 10,000 practicing architects in order to determine the knowledge and skills necessary to practice architecture independently while safeguarding the public health, safety, and welfare. The 2007 Practice Analysis of Architecture is being used to update the ARE and, for the first time, the Intern Development Program (IDP).

In 2005 Prescott completed his term on the Maryland Board of Architects, to which he was appointed in 2000. Prescott also served on the New York State Board for Architects, where he completed two five-year terms (1987- 1996) and was elected chair in 1995.

Prescott earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master of Architecture degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). Prescott holds the NCARB Certificate for national reciprocity and is registered to practice architecture in California, Maryland, and New York.

He also has served the profession as a member of National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) teams that assessed the architectural curricula at Southern California Institute of Architecture, Columbia University, and RPI. Beyond his professional responsibilities, Prescott is a leader within his community and currently serves on the Board of Advisors for the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute School of Architecture.