NCARB Begins Transition of Leadership

Washington, DC—The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards Executive Vice President Lenore M. Lucey, FAIA, today announced a planned transition of leadership effective July 1, 2011. At that time Lucey, who has served the Council since 1997, will step down from that position after 14 years of service. She has been instrumental in transforming the programs and services that NCARB provides and has effectively laid the foundation for what NCARB will become—to the profession, its members, and its 77,000 architects, emerging professionals, and student customer base.

“In the last 12 years, we have achieved the goals that I set for myself and for the Council: stronger customer service, greater transparency, robust effective programs, greater collateral ties, and a significant presence as a leader in the international mobility movement,” said Lucey. “The next two years will be about setting the stage for a new generation to take NCARB to a whole new level. There is much work to do—I am looking forward to this next phase of my EVP role and I am confident that the transition will be both meaningful and smooth.”

Lucey joined NCARB at the point when the challenging transition from the paper and pencil Architect Registration Examination® to the electronic administration of the ARE® became reality. Her direction as the Executive Vice President has transformed the Council’s business systems and brought them into the electronic age, most recently evidenced with a three-year Business Process Reengineering and the electronic Experience Verification Reporting (e-EVR) system that serves the Intern Development Program.

“As an architect, our profession has been a passion of mine all of my life. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing it as a practitioner, and serving it as the executive of a membership organization, and as a regulator. Each experience has come with its own set of challenges and rewards. The next few years provides me with another challenge: to complete the significant projects we’ve started and set the stage for a new generation to take the helm,” said Lucey.

“In the opinion of the NCARB Board, this nearly two-and-one-half-year period presents the best of all possible scenarios to the Council as it provides adequate time to plan for this leadership change, and then to conduct a successful search,” said NCARB President Gordon E. Mills, FAIA. “We are grateful that Lenore is giving us this time to make an effective transition. Through her leadership, the Council has advanced in many ways. While the core programs and services remain, Lenore led NCARB in improving the quality of program content and customer service, elevating their delivery to meet the demands of today’s business climate and our clients’ needs.”

A Transition Planning Task Force, chaired by NCARB Treasurer Scott C. Veazey, AIA, will guide a process that will utilize the Council’s current organizational structure, constituent relationships, its volunteer driven environment, and business culture along with the Council’s mission, vision, values, and strategic plan, to prepare for a national search.