NCARB to Propose Changes to Model Law to Include IPD and BIM

Washington, DC—In October 2008, the National Council of Architectural Registrations Boards (NCARB) held a hearing on Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Arlington, VA. The hearing brought together a diverse group of industry experts to comment on how the IPD process and BIM technology may affect responsible control by architects. NCARB President Gordon E. Mills, FAIA, asked the Council’s IPD Task Force to collect, review, and examine the information and forward any possible changes to NCARB’s Legislative Guidelines and Model Law for the Board of Directors’ consideration. 

The practice of architecture has changed significantly in recent years with the advent of computerized design, and these changes influence the way projects are envisioned, designed, constructed, and delivered. NCARB decided to take a leadership role and seek opinions from a broad array of design and construction stakeholders in order to help keep regulatory requirements in line with the latest advancements in the interest of protecting the public.

Overall, presenters at the hearing affirmed that responsible control by architects over building design was critical to the public’s safety. They also agreed that this regulatory responsibility could be exercised in a way that facilitated project delivery methods that continue to evolve.

The task force found that “integration of details, components, and other information from trusted sources into an architect’s technical submission has existed as a customary practice both before and after computer-aided design. BIM is best thought of as an evolutionary step forward in this regard and not as a revolutionary leap.”

The task force has recommended modifications to NCARB’s Legislative Guidelines and Model Law to the Board of Directors to more explicitly address responsible control and its relationship to IPD and BIM technologies. NCARB’s Member Boards will vote on the proposed changes in the form of resolutions at the 2009 Annual Meeting and Conference in Chicago, IL in June.

IPD Task Force Members were William Dikis, FAIA, Chair, Iowa; Robert Meyer, AIA, Vermont; Susan Schaefer Kliman, Ph.D., AIA, Arizona; Daniel Taylor, Esq., NCARB Legal Counsel; Kekku Lehtonen, AIA, NCARB staff; and Stephen Nutt, AIA, NCARB staff.

IPD Task Force speakers included:
Howard Ashcraft, Jr., Hon. AIA, Esq., Hanson Bridgett, San Francisco, CA, (Construction Attorney)
Gregg Bundschuh, Esq., Ames & Gough, Atlanta, GA (Professional Liability Insurance Broker/Attorney)
Henry Green, Hon. AIA, President, National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS),
Washington, DC (Government Agency)
James Jonassen, FAIA, MRAIC, Consulting Partner, NBBJ, Seattle, WA (Large Architecture Firm)
Forrest Lott, AIA, Partner, Lott + Barber, Savannah, GA (Small Architecture Firm)
Charles Matta, FAIA, Director, Federal Bldgs & Modernizations, General Services
Administration (GSA), Washington, DC (Government Agency)
Steven Thorsell, AIA, CSI, ICC Chicago District Office, Country Club Hills, IL (International Code Council)
John Tocci, President, Tocci Building Corporation, Woburn, MA (Contractor)