NCARB’s Latest Monograph Offers Architects Continuing Ed Flexibility

Washington, DC—The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards’ (NCARB) newest monograph, Heating and Cooling Design for Buildings, offers architects greater flexibility when meeting their continuing education requirements. After reading each chapter, architects can take an online quiz and earn health, safety, and welfare (HSW) and sustainable design (SD) learning units once they’ve passed. The first five quizzes are worth two professional development units (PDUs)/continuing education units (CEUs) each, and the last quiz is worth four PDUs/CEUs, for a total of 14 for the entire monograph. The quizzes can be spread out over any period of time, or taken all at one time.

Heating and Cooling Design for Buildings is a valuable resource for architects interested in designing buildings that rely on renewable energy sources. Excerpted from Wiley’s latest edition of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Building (MEEB 10)—the monograph presents the latest in the theory and practice of environmental control system design.

Heating and cooling designs have gone through enormous modifications over the past several decades with the advent of computer technology, evolving fuel sources, and the growing awareness of global climatic changes. The monograph examines comfort/design strategies and heat flow fundamentals such as passive solar heating and cooling and climate control systems for a range of building types and sizes. The first four chapters deal with early steps in the design process, including the choice of thermal design strategy, and the components and initial sizing of envelopes. The last two chapters examine the specifics of mechanical systems and equipment for heating and cooling.

The NCARB monograph series now has more than 25 titles, all written by experts in their field. Each monograph is a valuable addition to your research library and provides a convenient, low-cost way for you to learn about new developments in the industry. And because monographs are portable, you can read them anywhere. When compared to off-site seminars, NCARB monographs are a very affordable way to meet your continuing education requirements because there are no travel expenses and they require no time away from the office.

Current NCARB Record holders can earn PDUs/CEUs for about $15 per unit—one of the lowest continuing education unit costs available today. All credits awarded through the NCARB monograph series meet AIA’s HSW and SD continuing education requirements. To order Heating and Cooling Design for Buildings, or one of the other titles in NCARB’s monographs series go to: NCARB Monograph Series.

Heating and Cooling Design for Buildings
By Benjamin Stein; John S. Reynolds, FAIA; Walter T. Grondzik, PE; and Alison G. Kwok, AIA, Ph.D., LEED AP 325 pages/14 CEUs (five quizzes worth 2 CEUs each and one quiz worth 4 CEUs) in health, safety, and welfare (HSW) and sustainable design (SD)
Regular Price: $300
NCARB Record holders: $200