New and Improved! IDP Guidelines

Washington, DC—The Intern Development Program (IDP) Guidelines are an invaluable resource to interns and supervisors throughout the IDP process. The IDP Guidelines have been redesigned and include the latest procedures and rules currently in effect. To download a copy, click here.

It is essential that both interns and IDP supervisors understand the rules and objectives of the IDP in order to complete the program in a timely manner. The IDP Guidelines explain the work settings, training areas, and key terms that interns and IDP supervisors need to know and understand.

Besides having a new look, the guidelines have been reorganized to make the content more direct and easier to navigate. There are links throughout the electronic document to help you find what you need. The new edition also includes examples of the upcoming Six-Month Rule and instructions on how to use NCARB’s electronic Experience Verification Reporting system (e-EVR).

In addition, NCARB released IDP Supervisor Guidelines in December 2008 to assist supervisors with their crucial role in the IDP. Since not all supervisors completed the program to become licensed, the guidelines explain the objectives and requirements of IDP and give architects a better understanding of an intern's expectations. The IDP Supervisor Guidelines should be used as a starting point to build successful relationships between the interns and supervisors. The IDP Supervisor Guidelines are available to download here.

NCARB is committed to doing its part to help the environment. As such, the IDP Guidelines and IDP Supervisor Guidelines are primarily available as downloadable documents from www.ncarb.orgClick here for more information on the IDP.