2010-2011 NCARB President Naylor Concludes His Term Highlighting the Council’s Significant Achievements

Kenneth Naylor

Washington, DC—Kenneth J. Naylor, AIA, 2010-2011 NCARB President/Chair of the Board gave his farewell address reflecting on his year of service at the 92nd Annual Meeting and Conference of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). The major accomplishments in his year included selection of the next CEO, finalizing the strategic plan, working to simplify continuing education requirements, and beginning development on the next Practice Analysis.

“The first thing we really focused on, and our strategic planning consultant would say is the most important responsibility of any board of directors, is that of selecting the next chief executive officer,” said Naylor. He applauded the work of the search committee and expressed his confidence in Michael J. Armstrong to lead the Council.

Naylor also stressed the significance of the passing of Resolution 2011-01 for both the NCARB membership and the profession. The revision to Model Law and Model Regulations passed by the membership establishes the recommended standard that Member Boards require 12 continuing education hours (CEH) in health, safety, and welfare (HSW) subjects each calendar year.

Naylor used Resolution 2011-01 to illustrate the agility of the Council in implementing important changes to the profession. “This resolution will lead to greater standardization of continuing education requirements; improved course content and quality; and simplified record keeping processes for Member Boards, while easing the burden on practitioners licensed in multiple jurisdictions,” said Naylor.

He encouraged jurisdictions to consider other impediments to reciprocity as they open their laws to adopt the new continuing education standard; “let’s really get this to be something that changes the fabric and texture of architectural licensing throughout the country.”

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