NCARB Outreach: Your GPS on the Path to Licensure


15 December 2011

Tyson’s Corner, VA—A diverse group of professionals at Lessard Group, Inc. sat down with Assistant Director, Communications Rachel Kros, AIA, NCARB, on Wednesday, 14 December 2011 and learned that navigating the path to licensure isn’t something you have to do alone.

The NCARB Outreach team is meeting interns and students at firms and colleges around the country for casual dialogues on the IDP, the ARE, and best practices for achieving architectural licensure.

While some in the room had questions about their architectural licenses or foreign education, the hot topics of the day were IDP 2.0 and the ARE. The interns in the audience had a chance to get one-on-one feedback on the programs.

“I thought the presentation was very valuable. I’ve had my degree for years but had never gotten started, so it was great to hear Rachel talk about how simple the process is,” said attendee Jean-Paul Petit. “It’s not as scary as I thought.”

If you’re interested in having NCARB Outreach come to your firm to talk about the licensure or certification process, contact Martin Smith, Manager, IDP at  

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