NCARB BOD Examines Strategic Long-range Issues, Approves Revised Budget for Practice Analysis Survey, and Takes Action on ARE Security Breach

Board of Directors meeting 

15 August 2011

President Scott Veazey, AIA, NCARB, opened the first day of Board of Director (BOD) discussions that focused on strategic planning and thinking. Facilitated interaction concentrated on long-range strategic issues and on governance roles and responsibilities.

For the past several years, NCARB has engaged its members and volunteers in a planning process that resulted in a strategic plan with a program of work and defined outcomes. Another result of the process was identifying long-range strategic issues that NCARB needs to keep on its radar for the future. The first issue the BOD is charged to review is financial stability, and this meeting featured the first of several discussions throughout this fiscal year that will focus on designing and developing a more strategic business model.

To kickoff the discussion the group talked about the current realities in the profession and evolving dynamics that will affect it in the future. There appears to be trending toward absolute mobility with a diminished desire for a long-term stabilized work environment. There is a rising importance of mobility of practice, as well as hyper-specialization in practice.

Taking those factors into consideration, the BOD looked at NCARB’s programs and services and identified specific issues for further study. More analysis will be done on several different scenarios, and the research will be brought back to the board for discussion.

General BOD Training
NCARB consultant Glenn Tecker of Tecker Consultants, LLC, led the group through general BOD training. He guided them through concepts that revolved around the notion that the NCARB BOD needs to share an outcome orientation—how to make the world that it is responsible for, different in a better way. Tecker discussed the importance of Members understanding that the BOD’s decision-making process is—without fail—rational and informed, and that all stakeholders are represented in the conversation.

Tecker went on to lead the group in a discussion about how committing to innovation leads to a generative board. He said this comes from a willingness to experiment and an understanding that the Council must change as the world changes. NCARB’s consistent and organized focus fuels its advocacy for the efficacy of a profession—for standards that make a difference.

CEO Update Highlights

  • As part of a new outreach effort, NCARB staff and leadership visited the North Dakota and Illinois boards in July. Next on the list are California, Florida, and Minnesota.
  • Planning is underway for a joint AIA-NCARB review of proposed programs and tours for the 2012 AIA Convention to determine if they qualify for HSW CE credit.
  • FY11 Outreach – the Outreach Team delivered 111 presentations to over 4,600 attendees in FY11.
  • PSI was selected as the practice analysis consultant and a planning kickoff for this profession-wide survey is scheduled later this month.

BOD General Business

  • The BOD authorized funding for the next ARE vendor contracts that will continue the momentum toward an enhanced candidate-and-member friendly experience, and will introduce tools for exam development and management in late 2013.
  • The BOD approved a revised budget for the Practice Analysis of Architecture Survey. The practice analysis is developed to gather the data needed for future evaluation of and changes to the ARE, IDP, CE, and NCARB’s contribution to the 2013 NAAB Accreditation Review Conference. The survey will be sent out in April 2012 to interns, architects, and educators.
  • Report on the AIA/NCARB Leadership Retreat
    President Veazey reported that there was great synergy at the meeting with the leadership from both organizations. A collaborative atmosphere characterized the meeting where the Practice Analysis, IDP, and the CE/Model Law change were discussed. Both organizations committed to a continuity of effort in the future.
  • ARE Security
    The BOD voted to suspend a candidate’s ARE test-taking privileges for a period of two years for suspicious activity with a reservation of the right to take additional disciplinary action if further evidence reveals that the candidate disclosed test content to others.
  • The BOD voted to adopt revised Policy and Procedures for Testing Irregularities submitted by the Committee on Professional Conduct.

The NCARB BOD meets next in December 2011.